Luke-Acts Primacy

Luke-Acts Primacy

Basis for Luke-Acts Primacy

The subsequent pages provide the basis for Luke Acts primacy. Paul Attests to Luke-Acts Primacy gives evidence in support of Paul’s attestation of Luke-Acts in his Epistles. Order of the Gospels covers the order the gospels were written establishing that Luke was written after both Mark and Matthew and the author wrote with Matthew as a reference and made corrections over Matthew and Mark in many respects. Corrections By Luke over Matthew and Mark are documented in detail in later sections. Reliability of Luke-Acts provides additional rationale with articles, videos and Scholarly book references in support of the reliability of Luke-Acts. The page Answering Luke-Acts Objections addresses critical scholarship aimed at Luke and Acts and provides responses to specific objections to particular verses. Additionally. an article is provided covering additional considerations for Luke-Acts.

Understanding Logos

Order of the Gospels

Understanding the historical sequence of the synoptic gospels. The Farrer hypothesis (also known as the Farrer-Goulder-Goodacre hypothesis) is the theory...

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