Luke Primacy
Table of Gospel Parallels
Table of Gospel Parallels

Table of Gospel Parallels

Table of Gospel Parallels, with the focus on the Gospel according to Luke.

Luke 1:1-4 Mark 1:1John 1:1-18Prologue
Luke 1:5-25   Birth of John the Baptist Foretold
Luke 1:26-38   Birth of Jesus Foretold to Mary
 Matthew 1:18-25  Birth of Jesus Foretold to Joseph
Luke 1:39-56   Mary Visits Elizabeth
Luke 1:57-80   Birth of John the Baptist
Luke 2:1-21Matthew 2:1-12  Birth of Jesus Christ
Luke 2:22-39   Jesus Presented at the Temple
 Matthew 2:13-15  Flight to Egypt
 Matthew 2:16-18  Massacre of the Innocents
 Matthew 2:19-23  Return from Egypt
Luke 2:41-52   Boy Jesus in the Temple
Luke 3:1-20Matthew 3:1-12Mark 1:2-8John 1:19-27John the Baptist Prepares the Way
Luke 3:21-23Matthew 3:13-17Mark 1:9-11John 1:29-34Baptism of Jesus
Luke 3:23-38Matthew 1:1-17  Genealogy of Jesus
Luke 4:1-13Matthew 4:1-11Mark 1:12-13 Temptation of Jesus
Luke 4:14-15Matthew 4:12-17Mark 1:14-15 Jesus Begins His Ministry
Luke 4:16-30Matthew 13:53-58Mark 6:1-6 Preaching at Nazareth
Luke 4:31-37 Mark 1:21-28 Healing of the Demoniac in the Synagogue
Luke 4:38-39Matthew 8:14-17Mark 1:29-31 Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-law
Luke 4:40-44 Mark 1:32-34 Healings at Evening
   John 1:35-42Calling the First Disciples
Luke 5:1-11Matthew 4:18-22Mark 1:16-20 You Will Be Catching Men
  Mark 1:35-39 Preaching in Galilee
   John 1:43-51Call of Philip and Nathanael
   John 2:1-12Wedding at Cana
   John 3:1-15Jesus and Nicodemus
   John 3:16-21For God So Loved the World
   John 3:22-36Christ and John Baptizing
   John 4:1-45Woman of Samaria
   John 4:46-54Healing of an Official’s Son
   John 5:1-18Healing at the Pool on the Sabbath
   John 5:19-29Authority of the Son
   John 5:30-47Witnesses to Jesus
 Matthew 5:1  Sermon Begins
 Matthew 5:2-12  Beatitudes
 Matthew 5:13-16  Salt and Light
 Matthew 5:17-20  Christ Came to Fulfill the Law
 Matthew 5:21-26  Anger
 Matthew 5:27-30  Lust
 Matthew 5:31-32  Divorce
 Matthew 5:33-37  Oaths
 Matthew 5:38-42  Retaliation
 Matthew 5:43-48  Love Your Enemies
 Matthew 6:1-4  Giving to the Needy
 Matthew 6:5-15  The Lord’s Prayer
 Matthew 6:16-18  Fasting
 Matthew 6:19-24  Lay Up Treasures in Heaven
 Matthew 6:25-34  Do Not Be Anxious
 Matthew 7:1-6  Judging
 Matthew 7:7-11  Ask and It Will Be Given
 Matthew 7:12  The Golden Rule
 Matthew 7:13-14  The Narrow Door
 Matthew 7:15-20  You Will Recognize Them By Their Fruits
 Matthew 7:21-23  I Never Knew You
 Matthew 7:24-27  House Built upon the Rock
 Matthew 7:28-29  Sermon Ends
Luke 5:12-16Matthew 8:1-4Mark 1:40-45 Cleansing of the Leper
Luke 5:17-26Matthew 9:1-8Mark 2:1-12 Healing of the Paralytic
Luke 5:27-32Matthew 9:9-13Mark 2:13-17 Call of Matthew
Luke 5:33-39Matthew 9:14-17Mark 2:18-22 Question About Fasting
Luke 6:1-5Matthew 12:1-8Mark 2:23-28 Lord of the Sabbath
Luke 6:6-11Matthew 12:9-21Mark 3:1-6 Man with the Withered Hand
  Mark 3:7-12 Great Crowd Follows Jesus
Luke 6:12-16Matthew 10:1-4Mark 3:13-19 The Twelve
  Mark 3:20-21 Jesus’ Family Doubts Him
Luke 6:17-19   Sermon Begins
Luke 6:20-22   Beatitudes
Luke 6:24-26   Woes
Luke 6:27-36   Love Your Enemies
Luke 6:37-42   Judging
Luke 6:43-45   A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit
Luke 6:46-49   House Built upon the Rock
Luke 7:1-10Matthew 8:5-13  Centurion of Capernaum
Luke 7:11-17   Widow’s Son at Nain
Luke 7:18-23Matthew 11:1-6  Messengers from John the Baptist
Luke 7:24-35Matthew 11:7-19  About John
   John 10:1-21The Good Shepherd
   John 10:22-42I and the Father Are One
   John 11:1-16Death of Lazarus
   John 11:17-27I Am the Resurrection and the Life
   John 11:28-44Jesus Raises Lazarus
   John 11:45-54Plot to Kill Jesus
Luke 7:36-50Matthew 26:6-13Mark 14:3-9John 11:55-12:8Woman with the Ointment
   John 12:9-11Plot to Kill Lazarus
Luke 8:1-3   Women Accompanying Jesus
Luke 8:4-8Matthew 13:1-9Mark 4:1-9 Parable of the Sower
Luke 8:9-10Matthew 13:10-17Mark 4:10-12 Purpose of the Parables
Luke 8:11-15Matthew 13:18-23Mark 4:13-20 Parable of the Sower Explained
Luke 8:16-18 Mark 4:21-25 Lamp Under a Jar
Luke 8:19-21Matthew 12:46-50Mark 3:31-35 Jesus’ True Kindred
Luke 8:22-25 Mark 4:35-41 Calming of the Storm
Luke 8:26-39Matthew 8:28-34Mark 5:1-20 Healing the Gerasene Demoniac
Luke 8:40-56Matthew 9:18-26Mark 5:21-43 Healing of a Woman and Raising of Jairus’s Daughter
 Matthew 9:27-31  Healing of Two Blind Men
 Matthew 9:32-34  Healing of a Mute Man
 Matthew 9:35-38  The Harvest Is Plentiful, the Laborers Few
Luke 9:1-6Matthew 10:5-15Mark 6:7-13 Commissioning the Twelve
 Matthew 10:16-27  Persecution Will Come
Luke 9:7-9Matthew 14:1-12Mark 6:14-29 Herod Is Perplexed by Jesus
Luke 9:10-17Matthew 14:13-21Mark 6:30-44John 6:1-15Feeding of the Five Thousand
 Matthew 14:22-33Mark 6:45-52John 6:16-21Walking on on Water
 Matthew 14:34-36Mark 6:53-56 Healing of the Sick in Gennesaret
   John 6:22-59The Bread of Life
   John 6:60-71Words of Eternal Life
 Matthew 15:1-9Mark 7:1-13 Traditions and Commandments
 Matthew 15:10-20Mark 7:14-23 What Defiles a Person
 Matthew 15:21-28Mark 7:24-30 Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith
  Mark 7:31-37 Healing of a Deaf Man
 Matthew 15:29-39Mark 8:1-10 Feeding of the Four Thousand
 Matthew 16:1-4Mark 8:11-13 Pharisees Demand a Sign
 Matthew 16:5-12Mark 8:14-21 Leaven of the Pharisees
  Mark 8:22-26 Healing of a Blind Man at Bethsaida
Luke 9:18-20Matthew 16:13-20Mark 8:27-30 Peter’s Confession
Luke 9:21-22Matthew 16:21Mark 8:31 Jesus Foretells His Death
 Matthew 16:22-23Mark 8:32-33 Jesus Rebukes Peter
Luke 9:23-27Matthew 16:24-28Mark 8:34-9:1 Take Up Your Cross
Luke 9:28-36Matthew 17:1-13Mark 9:2-13 The Transfiguration
Luke 9:37-43Matthew 17:14-20Mark 9:14-29 Healing of a Possessed Boy
Luke 9:43-45Matthew 17:22-23Mark 9:30-32 Jesus Foretells His Death A Second Time
 Matthew 17:24-27  Temple Tax
Luke 9:46-48Matthew 18:1-6Mark 9:33-37 True Greatness
Luke 9:49-50 Mark 9:38-41 Anyone Not Against Us Is For Us
   John 7:1-24Jesus at the Feast of Booths
   John 7:25-31Can This Be the Christ
   John 7:32-36Officers Sent to Arrest Jesus
   John 7:37-39Rivers of Living Water
   John 7:40-53Division Among the People
   John 8:1-11Woman Caught in Adultery
   John 8:12-20I Am the Light of the World
   John 8:21-30I Am Not of This World
   John 8:31-38The Son Sets You Free
   John 8:39-47You Are of Your Father the Devil
   John 8:48-59Before Abraham Was
   John 9:1-41Healing of a Man Born Blind
Luke 9:51-56   Samaritan Village Rejects Jesus
Luke 9:57-62Matthew 8:18-22  Cost of Following Jesus
Luke 10:1-12   Commissioning the Seventy-Two
Luke 10:13-16Matthew 11:20-24  Woe to Unrepentant Cities
 Matthew 11:25-30  Our Rest
Luke 10:17-24   Return of the Seventy-Two
Luke 10:25-37   Parable of the Good Samaritan
Luke 10:38-42   Martha and Mary
Luke 11:1-13   The Lord’s Prayer
Luke 11:14-23Matthew 12:22-32Mark 3:22-30 Jesus and Beelzebul
Luke 11:24-26Matthew 12:43-45  Return of an Unclean Spirit
Luke 11:27-28   True Blessedness
 Matthew 12:33-37  A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit
Luke 11:29-32Matthew 12:38-42  The Sign of Jonah
Luke 11:33-36   The Light in You
Luke 11:37-54   Woes to the Pharisees and Lawyers
Luke 12:1-3   Leaven of the Pharisees
Luke 12:4-7Matthew 10:28-31  Be Not Afraid
Luke 12:8-12Matthew 10:32-33  Acknowledge Christ Before Men
Luke 12:13-21   Parable of the Rich Fool
Luke 12:22-34   Do Not Be Anxious
Luke 12:35-48   Watchfulness and Faithfulness
Luke 12:49-53Matthew 10:34-39  Not Peace But Division
 Matthew 10:40-42  Whoever Receives You, Receives Jesus
Luke 12:54-56   Interpreting the Time
Luke 12:57-59   Settle with Your Accuser
Luke 13:1-5   Repent or Perish
Luke 13:6-9   Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
Luke 13:10-17   Healing of the Disabled Woman on the Sabbath
 Matthew 13:24-30  Parable of the Weeds
Luke 13:18-21Matthew 13:31-35Mark 4:26-34 Mustard Seed and the Leaven
 Matthew 13:36-43  Parable of the Weeds Explained
 Matthew 13:44  Parable of the Hidden Treasure
 Matthew 13:45-46  Parable of the Pearl of Great Value
 Matthew 13:47-50  Parable of the Net
 Matthew 13:51-52  New and Old Treasures
Luke 13:22-30   The Narrow Door
Luke 13:31-35Matthew 23:37-39  Lament over Jerusalem
Luke 14:1-6   Healing of a Man on the Sabbath
Luke 14:7-11   Parable of the Wedding Feast
Luke 14:12-24   Parable of the Great Banquet
Luke 14:25-33   Cost of Discipleship
Luke 14:34-35   Parable of Salt
Luke 15:1-7Matthew 18:10-14  Parable of the Lost Sheep
 Matthew 18:15-20  If Your Brother Sins Against You
 Matthew 18:21-35  Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Luke 15:8-10   Parable of the Lost Coin
Luke 15:11-32   Parable of the Prodigal Son
Luke 16:1-9   Parable of the Dishonest Manager
Luke 16:10-13   No Servant Can Serve Two Masters
Luke 16:14-17   The Law and the Kingdom of God
Luke 16:18   Divorce
Luke 16:19-31   Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Luke 17:1-2Matthew 18:7-9Mark 9:42-50 Warning Against Sin
Luke 17:3-4   Forgiveness
Luke 17:5-6   “Increase Our Faith”
Luke 17:7-10   Unworthy Servants
Luke 17:11-19   Cleansing of the Ten Lepers
Luke 17:20-21   Coming of the Kingdom of God
Luke 17:22-37   Day of the Son of Man
Luke 18:1-8   Parable of the Persistent Widow
Luke 18:9-14   The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
 Matthew 19:1-12Mark 10:1-12 Divorce
Luke 18:15-17Matthew 19:13-15Mark 10:13-16 Let the Children Come to Me
Luke 18:18-30Matthew 19:16-30Mark 10:17-31 The Rich Ruler
 Matthew 20:1-16  Laborers in the Vineyard
Luke 18:31-34Matthew 20:17-19Mark 10:32-34 Jesus Foretells His Death A Third Time
 Matthew 20:20-28Mark 10:35-45 Request of James and John
Luke 18:35-43Matthew 20:29-34Mark 10:46-52 Healing of a Blind Beggar Near Jericho
Luke 19:1-10   Jesus and Zacchaeus
Luke 19:11-28Matthew 25:14-30  Parable of the Minas
Luke 19:29-44Matthew 21:1-11Mark 11:1-11John 12:12-19The Triumphal Entry
 Matthew 21:18-22Mark 11:12-14 Cursing of the Fig Tree
Luke 19:45-48Matthew 21:12-17Mark 11:15-19John 2:13-22Cleansing the Temple
  Mark 11:20-25 Cursed Fig Tree Has Withered
   John 2:23-25Jesus Knows What Is in Man
   John 12:20-26Greeks Seek Jesus
   John 12:27-43The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up
   John 12:44-50I Came to Save the World
Luke 20:1-8Matthew 21:23-27Mark 11:27-33 Authority of Jesus Challenged
 Matthew 21:28-32  Parable of the Two Sons
Luke 20:9-18Matthew 21:33-46Mark 12:1-12 Parable of the Tenants
 Matthew 22:1-14  Parable of the Wedding Feast
Luke 20:19-26Matthew 22:15-22Mark 12:13-17 Giving Tribute to Caesar
Luke 20:27-40Matthew 22:23-33Mark 12:18-27 Sadducees Ask About the Resurrection
 Matthew 22:34-40Mark 12:28-34 The Great Commandment
Luke 20:41-44Matthew 22:41-46Mark 12:35-37 Whose Son Is the Christ
Luke 20:45-47 Mark 12:38-40 Beware of the Scribes
 Matthew 23:1-36  Woes to the Scribes and Pharisees
Luke 21:1-4 Mark 12:41-44 Widow’s Offering
Luke 21:5-6Matthew 24:1-2Mark 13:1-2 Jesus Foretells Destruction of the Temple
Luke 21:7-19Matthew 24:3-14Mark 13:3-13 Jesus Foretells Wars and Persecution
Luke 21:20-24   Jesus Foretells Destruction of Jerusalem
 Matthew 24:15-28Mark 13:14-23 Abomination of Desolation
Luke 21:25-28Matthew 24:29-31Mark 13:24-27 Coming of the Son of Man
Luke 21:29-33Matthew 24:32-35Mark 13:28-31 Lesson of the Fig Tree
Luke 21:34-38   Watch Yourselves
 Matthew 24:36-51Mark 13:32-37 No One Knows That Day or Hour
 Matthew 25:1-13  Parable of the Ten Virgins
 Matthew 25:31-46  Final Judgment
Luke 22:1-2Matthew 26:1-5Mark 14:1-2 Plot to Kill Jesus
Luke 22:3-6Matthew 26:14-16Mark 14:10-11 Judas to Betray Jesus
Luke 22:7-13Matthew 26:17-19Mark 14:12-16 Preparation for the Passover
   John 13:1-20Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet
Luke 22:14-20Matthew 26:26-29Mark 14:22-25 Institution of the Lord’s Supper
Luke 22:21-23Matthew 26:20-25Mark 14:17-21John 13:21-30Jesus Foretells His Betrayal
   John 13:31-35A New Commandment
Luke 22:24-30   True Greatness
Luke 22:31-34Matthew 26:30-35Mark 14:26-31John 13:36-38Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial
Luke 22:35-38   Scripture Must Be Fulfilled in Jesus
   John 14:1-14Jesus is the Only Way to God
   John 14:15-31The Holy Spirit Promised
   John 15:1-17Jesus is the True Vine
   John 15:18-27Hatred of the World
   John 16:1-15Work of the Holy Spirit
   John 16:16-24Sorrow Will Turn into Joy
   John 16:25-33Jesus Has Overcome the World
   John 17:1-26Jesus Prays for His Disciples
Luke 22:39-46Matthew 26:36-46Mark 14:32-42 Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives
Luke 22:47-53Matthew 26:47-56Mark 14:43-50John 18:1-11Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
  Mark 14:51-52 Young Man Flees
Luke 22:54-57Matthew 26:69-70Mark 14:66-68John 18:15-18Peter Denies Jesus the First Time
Luke 22:58-65Matthew 26:71-75Mark 14:69-72John 18:25-27Peter Denies Jesus the Second and the Third Time
   John 18:12-14Jesus Delivered to the Council
Luke 22:66-71Matthew 26:57-68Mark 14:53-65John 18:19-24Jesus Before the Council
 Matthew 27:1-2  Jesus Delivered to Pilate
 Matthew 27:3-10  Judas Hangs Himself
Luke 23:1-5Matthew 27:11-14Mark 15:1-5John 18:33-38Jesus Before Pilate
Luke 23:6-12   Jesus Before Herod
Luke 23:13-25Matthew 27:15-26Mark 15:6-15John 18:39-19:16Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified
Luke 23:26-43Matthew 27:27-44Mark 15:16-32John 19:17-27The Crucifixion
Luke 23:44-49Matthew 27:45-56Mark 15:40-41John 19:28-30Death of Jesus
   John 19:31-37Jesus’ Side Is Pierced
Luke 23:50-56Matthew 27:57-61Mark 15:42-47John 19:38-42Burial of Jesus
 Matthew 27:62-66  Guard at the Tomb
Luke 24:1-12Matthew 28:1-8Mark 16:1-8John 20:1-10The Resurrection
 Matthew 28:9-10Mark 16:9-11John 20:11-18Jesus Appears to the Women
 Matthew 28:11-15  Report of the Guard
Luke 24:13-35 Mark 16:12-13 On the Road to Emmaus
Luke 24:36-49Matthew 28:16-20Mark 16:14-18John 20:19-23Jesus Appears to His Disciples
   John 20:24-31Doubting Thomas
   John 21:1-14By the Sea of Tiberias
   John 21:15-19Jesus and Peter
   John 21:20-25Jesus and the Beloved Apostle
Luke 24:50-53 Mark 16:19-20 Ascension